Minimum Charge

There is a minimum charge of $20 for any order accepted through Supawash Lockers.

Unclaimed Items

Any unclaimed items of clothing will be held for 30 days. After 30 days unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Lost and damaged Items

Although we take the extreme care with your laundry, in the rare instance of lost or damaged items, the laundry hamper will refund the estimated value of the clothing up to a maximum of five times the order value.
For dry cleaning reimbursement will be in line with the fair claims guide issued by the Dry Cleaning Insitute of Austrtalia (DIA)
All claims regarding lost or damaged items need to be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery of your order along with a receipt of proof of purchase.

Delivery policy

The Laundry Hamper are not liable for any costs or damages associated with delays with order processing and or delivery
To ensure that all of our valued customers can enjoy our service, orders will need to be collected from the locker no later than 24 hours after delivery.
After 24 hours, items will be taken back to our processing centre and re-delivery will need to be re-arranged.

Loose Items

We value your belongings and will go the extra mile to ensure nothing goes missing, including loose items left in clothing pockets. In the rare event that loose items go missing, The Laundry Hamper will not be liable loose items left in pockets.
We ask that you please empty all pockets prior to placing an order with us.

Property placed in lockers

Any items left in our lockers that are not part of a paid order will be removed. These items will be held for 30 days and donated to charity after 30 days.

Turnaround Time

Service days and turnaround time vary by location. Laundry Locker will make its best reasonable effort to adhere to our service schedule, however, we do not guarantee turnaround times and assume no responsibility for any damages that may occur due to a delay in service.